26 Palestinian prisoners waiting to return home

Israel will release 26 Palestinian prisoners late on Tuesday.

26 Palestinian prisoners waiting to return home

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The Palestinian prisoners, jailed before the Oslo Accord signed by Israel in 1993, are set to be relased by Israel on Tuesday. 

The release, which is due to take place late on Tuesday night, will see 21 prisoners returned to their homes in the West Bank and the remaining 5returning home to the Gaza Strip.

The Israel administration had announced in August 2013 that they would release 104 prisoners, who were jailed before the Oslo Accord was signed between Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel, with the condition that Palestine returns to the negotiation table after a five-year stalemate.


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Carol - 6 yıl Before

Big fuss about releasing prisoners after 20 years, while during this time, Israel erected a wall twice the height of Berlin Wall, cutting off communities, more than 500 checkpoints in WB to humiliate and degrade the Palestinians, bombed Gaza (open air concentration camp) before every Israeli election, killing and maiming thousands of trapped, defensless people.