6 day war, 67 years of Israeli occupation

Some 600,000 Palestinians lived in the West Bank and another 356,000 lived in the Gaza Strip at the outbreak of the Six Day War. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians also lived in refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

6 day war, 67 years of Israeli occupation

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More than 12 million Palestinians living in the occupied State of Palestine and worldwide are commemorating 67 years of the ongoing Nakba and 48 years of Israel military occupation since 1967.

“The Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, is determined to undermine the Palestinian right to live in dignity, and is obstructing our right to self-determination,” said Dr. Saeb Erekat, Member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee.

“We will continue to halt any attempts by Israel to erase and bury Palestinian national identity by prolonging its occupation of our land. The world is accountable for the ongoing crimes committed against our people,” Erekat added.

“While the Palestinian leadership continues to advocate for the two state solution, there are people in Israel that continue to undermine efforts for an effective solution. Those people are the same ones granted impunity by the international community, including the United States and Canada, and I would like to remind those nations of their obligations and responsibilities towards the two state solution. The illegal Israeli settlement enterprise is a clear violation of international law,” Erekat said.

The 5th of June marks the 48th anniversary of the six-day war and the Palestinian Naksa, in which Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, The Egyptian Sinai and the Syrian Golan heights.

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