Azaan silenced 48 times at Ibrahimi mosque in November

Israel bans Muslims’ call to prayer at Ibrahimi Mosque 48 times in November

Azaan silenced 48 times at Ibrahimi mosque in November

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The Israeli occupation authorities in Al-Khalil (Hebron) prevented the call to prayer at The Ibrahimi Mosque 48 times during last month, Hadaf News reported.

The Palestinian Ministry of Religious Affairs issued a statement yesterday saying that,“The Israeli occupation authorities have prevented the call to prayer 48 times in November, without any respect to the beliefs of Muslims, violating international laws and norms, which guarantees access to religious places and freedom of worship, under unfounded fake claims.”

The statement also read, “The Israeli occupation authorities did that intentionally in an attempt to completely control the Ibrahimi Mosque, especially the call to prayer and renovation works.”

Israeli violations against Islamic sites in Palestine have been on the increase. Recently, the Israeli Kenesset passed a bill, which bans the Muslim call to prayer under the claim it “annoys the Jewish population.”ne

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