Chinese airline flies to 'Palestinian Territories'

Hainan Airlines has wiped of Israel off their maps, marking the region as Palestinian Territories

Chinese airline flies to 'Palestinian Territories'

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The Chinese airline, Hainan Airlines, which began operating in Israel half a year ago has come under scrutiny for marking Israel on its multimedia flight system as “Palestinian Territories.” 

Israeli passengers aboard the Tel-Aviv-bound plane from Beijing were shocked to discover that the word “Israel” was nowhere to be seen on the map.

The screens, which were photographed on a flight which landed on Tuesday in Ben Gurion Airport, display Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon but only Tel Aviv and Jerusalem appear on the map while Israel is clearly omitted.

According to the report, a passenger wrote on Facebook that he described during the flight that Israel was not featured on the in-flight navigation map and that instead, “Palestinian Territories” was listed.

“I wanted to see how the plane was progressing toward its destination and thus took a look at the in-flight navigation map. I was surprised when I saw that the plane’s destination on the screen was listed as the ‘Palestinian Territories’ and not Israel,” wrote the passenger, according to EJP.

The passenger attached a photograph of the screen, which displayed Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon but only Tel Aviv and Jerusalem without Israel’s name.

In response, Hainan Airlines said, “We thank you for contacting us and turning our attention to this regrettable technical mistake. The airline is working to fix the maps as soon as possible along with the external software supplier.

“We would like to mention that the word ‘Israel’ clearly appears on the maps in the zoomed-in view. We will continue to promote Israel as a tourist destination in China just as we have always done with a lot of pride,” added the airline’s statement.

Source: Arutz Sheva/EJP


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