Fuel and electricity shortages threaten epidemic in Gaza

Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip are struggling against fuel and electricity shortages which threatens to cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.

Fuel and electricity shortages threaten epidemic in Gaza

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The town of Beit Lahia in the north of the Gaza Strip is at risk of facing an environmental disaster, as electricity cuts put sewage basins at risk of flooding.

The mayor of the municipality, Khalil Matar, told Saffa news that pumps in the sewage basin have stopped working due to power cuts, which could mean that the town will see a repeat of a similar disaster in 2007 in which sewage flooded, killing 4 people.

Currently, due to shortages, the sewage basin only receives 6 hours of electricity a day, which is not sufficient to prevent the wastewater from overflowing.

A financial crisis also threatens the municipality’s ability to provide water and pay for waste collectors. Already, many have had to go months without payment. Fuel shortages mean that dump trucks have had to be replaced with animal-pulled carts, which again is not sufficient to collect of the area’s waste.

Overflowing dumpsters are threatening to spread an epidemic in overcrowded residential areas, and could also contaminate groundwater.

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