Hamas declines to take part in planned PNC meeting

Last Palestinian National Council meeting was held in Ramallah in 2009

Hamas declines to take part in planned PNC meeting

World Bulletin / News Desk

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has no plan to take part in a preparatory meeting to be held in advance of an upcoming session of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), a Hamas spokesman said Tuesday.

"Our position on the issue is clear," group spokesman Hazim Qasim said.

"Before the PNC meeting is held, we want to hold a PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] leadership framework meeting" that would include leaders of all Palestinian factions, he said.

"Hamas opposes any sessions or conferences convened in the absence of a Palestinian national consensus," Qasim said.

The last two sessions of the PNC -- which functions like a parliament for the PLO -- were held in the Gaza Strip and Ramallah in 1996 and 2009 respectively.

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