Hamas says not to give up 'people's demands' -UPDATED

Barhoum says what he describes as Israel's "procrastination" will benefit it nothing.

Hamas says not to give up 'people's demands' -UPDATED

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The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on Saturday vowed not to make concessions on what it described as the "demands of the Palestinian people" during talks with the Israelis in Cairo on a long-lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

"There is no going back," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said. "The resistance would go on with full force," he added in a statement.

He said what he described as Israel's "procrastination" would benefit it nothing.

"We will not give up the demands of our own people and the resistance will continue with full force," Barhoum added.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri also said Israel had rejected most of the group's demands. The Palestinians want Israel to agree in principle to lift the blockade, release prisoners and permit the opening of a sea port.

"There is no going back and the resistance will continue ... there is no retreat from any of our demands," Abu Zuhri said.

Israel has resumed its attacks against different parts of the Gaza Strip since Friday, a short time after a three-day humanitarian ceasefire came to an end in the Palestinian enclave.

Around 11 Gazans were killed by Israeli strikes until the evening of Saturday, according to Palestinian medical sources.

The Palestinians and the Israelis had been negotiating a durable arrangement in Gaza in the Egyptian capital Cairo until early Friday, but the Israeli delegation had left to Tel Aviv, leaving the Palestinian delegation behind in Cairo.

An Israeli official was quoted by the website of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Saturday as saying that his country would not send a delegation to negotiate with the Palestinians in Cairo so long as rocket attacks continue to happen against Israel from the Gaza Strip.


Citing security concerns over continued rocket fire, Israeli police banned an anti-war protest planned for Tel Aviv on Saturday, saying regulations prohibited large gatherings in areas at risk of attack.

However, about 150 demonstrators defied the ban and gathered at the protest, police said.

The White House has urged Israel and the Palestinians to do what they can to preserve civilians after having failed to extend their ceasefire, while U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned that any further fighting would "exacerbate the already appalling humanitarian situation in Gaza".

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron called for an immediate end to hostilities.

At a rally in South Africa, Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu accused Israel of behaving like a "barbaric bully" in Gaza.

In related violence, a Palestinian man died a day after being shot by Israeli troops confronting a protest in Hebron. Israeli gunfire had killed another Palestinian protester in the occupied West Bank on Friday, medical officials said.

At least 1904 people were killed by Israeli attacks in Gaza since July 7 and 9817 others injured. Thousands of homes have also been destroyed in the offensive.

At least 64 Israeli soldiers have also been killed in battles with Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip and three civilians by rocket fire, according to Israeli figures.

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