Israel detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank- UPDATED

Israeli security forces are reported to have taken 12 Palestinians, as Israeli settlers' aggression spreads fear among the Palestinians in the West Bank

Israel detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank- UPDATED

Israeli security forces are reported to have taken 12 Palestinians into custody in operations held in several provinces in West Bank.      

According to Palestinian security sources, Israeli soldiers detained eight Palestinians in Beit Lahm and two in Beit Sahour on raids to their homes.      

Israeli soldiers also detained two Palestinians, searching their homes with police dogs, in the West Bank province of Jenin, reports said.      

Israeli officials haven't yet made any related statement.

Tension rising

Meanwhile, tension began to escalate last week due to aggression by Israeli settlers against the Palestinians in the West Bank after fear spread among the latter.      

Israeli settlers have been stoning Palestinians living in Nablus, the West Bank, as well as setting their cultivated zones on fire, and attacking their homes since April 30.      

A group of Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian village called Galut, in southern Nablus, in the West Bank, and tried to set some houses on fire.      

"A clash has erupted between the villagers trying to help those whose houses were about to be burned and the settlers" told Gassan Doghlous, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of settlement activities in the eastern parts of the West Bank, to Anadolu Agency.      

Doghlous added that hundreds of Israelis, protected by the Israeli soldiers, also forcefully entered and prayed at Yusuf Mosque and Tomb in Nablus.      

Doghlous also claimed that some Palestinians were wounded as a result of Israeli army's intervention at the clash between Palestinians and Israeli settlers by tear bomb and plastic bullets.

Gassan Doghlous said that they were afraid of a possible massacre.      

Doghlous emphasized that the attacks came at a time when foundation of Palestinian state and peace negotiations were on the agenda, showing the concern of Israeli settlers about emptying the settlements.      

On the other hand, "The attacks were organized as terrorist acts by the Israeli state" said Palestinian activist Bilal Iyd, adding that a new Intifada could possibly erupt, had the situation continued.      

21 Palestinians died in Nablus on April 30, while 5 were wounded in Ramallah as a result of fire attack by Israeli soldiers on May 1.  


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