Israel detains 60 Palestinians in East Jerusalem -UPDATED

Israeli forces were accused of using excessive force and firing rubber bullets and teargas.

Israel detains 60 Palestinians in East Jerusalem -UPDATED

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Israeli forces have launched a massive detention campaign against Palestinian residents of occupied East Jerusalem, recently detaining at least 60 of them.

The Palestinians were detained in several districts of the city on the pretext of having participated in protests in solidarity with the embattled Gaza Strip and throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli troops and Jewish settlers.

"The [arrest] campaign has covered Silwan, Issawiya, Al-Tur, Sawana, Shuafat and the Old City," said Naser Qous, director of the Palestinian Prisoners Society in Jerusalem.

He described the campaign, which appears to remain ongoing, as the largest since June.

According to the Prisoners Society, Israel has detained a total of 549 Palestinian residents of the targeted districts since July, including 166 minors.

Qous accused Israeli forces of using excessive force and firing rubber bullets and teargas, at least 28 of whom were injured, he said.

"They broke the door down without warning, detained my son and ransacked the house," the father of one detainee, requesting anonymity, told AA.

"They destroyed furniture and fired teargas outside the house before leaving," he added.

Israel has put 287 Palestinians into administrative detention since the beginning of the arrest campaign, which was launched after three Jewish settlers in the West Bank who went missing in June were found dead.

Since then, Israel has rounded up hundreds of West Bank Palestinians, including Hamas lawmakers and former cabinet ministers.

Israeli administrative detention orders can range from one to six months and can be extended by up to five years by Israeli military courts.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, some 6500 Palestinians – including 466 in administrative detention – continue to languish in jails throughout Israel.

Israel detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank

Meanwhile, the Israeli army has detained 12 Palestinians, including a member of the resistance movement Hamas, in different areas of the occupied West Bank.

In a statement quoted by Israel Radio, the Israeli army claimed that the Hamas member, who was arrested in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, was planning attacks on Israeli targets.

The army said the detained Palestinians included four from the northern part of the West Bank, three from Hebron and one from Jericho.

It gave no further details about the rest.

Israel has staged a massive campaign of detentions across the West Bank since the kidnapping and the subsequent killing of three Jewish teens in mid-June.

Hundreds of Palestinians, including several Hamas members, former ministers and lawmakers, have since been detained.

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fred lapides
fred lapides - 9 yıl Önce

"occupied" East Jerusalem?"allleged"Just maybe those lads got arrested for a real reason in a real city they call home. Seems from all the polls I have seen that1. Arab Israels have the highest literacy rate in the Middle East.2. Arab Israelis have more rights than Arabs in any Arab run nation.3. Arab Israelis when asked said that if there were a Palestinian state they would prefer to remain in Israel.Perhaps then those lads need to reconsider their respones