Israel to expel families of Palestinian fighters to Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed to expel Palestinian families of fighters and demolish their family home.

Israel to expel families of Palestinian fighters to Gaza

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According to Israeli TV Channel 10  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now supporting a proposal to expel families of Palestinian fighters in  the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. According to the Sawa news website, the programme states that the idea has been proposed by Israel’s Defence Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, as a retaliation to  the attacks carried out by the fighters as they try to resist the military occupation of their land. 

During a visit to the illegal Israeli settlement block of Gosh Etzion in the occupied West Bank, Netanyahu and Ya’alon asked military field commanders to study the viability of such a proposal. Expulsion would be employed in addition to the demolition of family homes according to the Middle East Monitor.

The television report  also said that a number of government legal advisors object to the proposed expulsions because collective punishment is prohibited by international law. A number of Israeli security officials also objected in addition to objected to both the explusion and the house demolitions, not only because it constitutes collective punishment but also because it is largely ineffective as a deterrent.



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