Kerry sides with Israel- Palestinian official

Executive Committee Member of Palestine Liberation Organization Abu Yusef stated US State Secretary Kerry sides with Israel amid Middle Eastern peace process

Kerry sides with Israel- Palestinian official

World Bulletin/News Desk

Wasil Abu Yusef, a member of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) executive committee, stated on Thursday that US Secretary of State John Kerry took Israel's side amid Middle East peace process.      

Kerry's upcoming meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas won't help a new development as the visit aimed to force Palestine to return to the negotiations table, Yusef told AA in an exclusive interview.      

He recalled the negotiation principles of the Palestinian government and stated that Kerry wanted Palestine to sit at negotiation table but without the issues of "recognition of Israel, an independent Palestine state and ending the construction of Jewish accommodation units".      

Executive committee member of PLO Taisir Khaled claimed that the US government tolerated Israel's arbitrary practices regarding accommodation units and Kerry avoided displaying a clear attitude towards ending construction of those units despite Palestine's insistence.      

Khaled added that the Palestinian government would not sit at negotiation table until its basic conditions such as the recognition of independent Palestinian state, release of Palestinians in Israeli jails and ending construction of accommodation units.      

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