Palestinian govt's Gaza remarks irk Hamas

Hamas spokesman warns government not to test its patience.

Palestinian govt's Gaza remarks irk Hamas
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Palestinian faction Hamas on Wednesday lashed out at a recent statement by the Palestinian unity government, which it described as a violation of an April reconciliation deal signed with rival faction Fatah.

"Hamas has been patient for a long time and the cabinet should not further test its patience," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement.

Earlier Wednesday, the Palestinian unity government issued a statement in which it said it would resolve the problems of the Gaza Strip's civil servants – and work on the war-battered territory's reconstruction – "only when it is able to do so."

It added that civil servants hired by Hamas after the latter took over the Gaza Strip in mid-2007 would only be able to occupy positions vacated by civil servants employed by the Palestinian government before Hamas took over the strip.

Hamas, for its part, said the assertions violated last year's reconciliation deal, which led to the formation of the national unity government last summer.

Abu Zuhri said the government had earlier promised to assimilate Hamas-appointed civil servants into the public workforce that had prevailed before 2007.

The unity government has yet to assume responsibility for the Gaza Strip, which has been governed by Hamas since 2007.

Nevertheless, thousands of Hamas-appointed civil servants have not received their salaries since the unity government was drawn up in June of 2014.

Apart from the salary shortfalls, thousands of homes and public utilities in Gaza – destroyed during Israel's 51-day summer offensive – have yet to be rebuilt.

Gazans say they want these problems solved immediately. But the latest statements from the unity government suggest that the cabinet won't act on these issues until it takes control of Gaza.


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