Palestinian movement in talks with Egypt re Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement secretary general Ramadan Shalahk said that they discussed opening the Rafah border crossing and acceleration relations with Egypt over Egyptian court ruling designating Hamas as a "Terrorist Organization"

Palestinian movement in talks with Egypt re Gaza

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The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement on Tuesday said it had proposed an initiative to the Egyptian leadership aimed at resolving crises in the Gaza Strip.

Led by the group's Secretary-General Ramadan Shalakh, an Islamic Jihad delegation arrived in Cairo Saturday to hold talks with Egyptian officials, the movement said in a statement.

The delegation proposed an initiative aimed at resolving the Gaza Strip's crises and boosting relations with Egypt, following an Egyptian court ruling designating Hamas as a "terrorist organization."

They also offered recommendations for easing the suffering of the people of Gaza – including the issue of the Rafah border crossing, said the statement.

Islamic Jihad said it had informed the Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders of the progress made in its talks with Egyptian officials.

Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing, Gaza's only access to the outside world that is not controlled by Israel, on Oct. 24 following an attack on a military site in the Sinai Peninsula that left 31 Egyptian troops dead.

Egypt claimed that some of the yet unknown attackers had crossed from Gaza.

In 2015, the crossing has reportedly been open for a total of three days.

Egypt has tightened its grip on the border with the blockaded Gaza Strip since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi – the country's first freely elected president – by the army in mid-2013.

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