Palestinians mark Prisoners' Day

A number of activists have launched online and social media campaigns to raise awareness about the cause.

Palestinians mark Prisoners' Day

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Palestinians inside the Palestinian territories and in diaspora mark on Thursday the 40th Prisoners' Day amid calls for the release of around 5,000 prisoners in Israeli detentions.

"Israeli prisons have become like graveyards," the Palestine Behind Bars movement said in a statement.

On Prisoners Day, Palestinians staged rallies and organize events to remind the international community of the prisoners' cause and draw attention to the dire and inhumane conditions they suffer in Israeli detentions.

A number of activists have launched online and social media campaigns to raise awareness about the cause.

The Prisoners Day marks the release on April 17, 1974, of the first Palestinian detainee in the first ever prisoner-exchange deal with Israel.

Around 5,000 Palestinians languish in some 22 Israeli prisons and detentions, according to a recent report by the Prisoners Centre for Studies and Research, a Palestinian NGO.

They include 200 minors and 19 women, the report said.

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abusedcitizen - 5 yıl Before

What crimes were these people convicted of comitting? What is the description of the inhumane conditions? Without these facts, this article is meaningless.

Hammurabi - 5 yıl Before

Those legering palestinians in israeli jails are murderers. they are better off ,in prison ,,,their family's gets paid every month by those stupid israelis.....

Donna - 5 yıl Before

Only Israel has to give up prisoners to avoid the backlash. Unreal. These people were put away for a reason and, according to research, their conditions in Israeli prisons are much better than most conditions in prisons here in America, let alone in other prisons abroad. Stop whining and if you don't want your loved ones to be put away, keep them from committing the crimes.

Jeanne - 5 yıl Before

Maybe those prisoners should not have attacked Israel. Their mamas should have taught them better from the Koran about peace and not terrorism.

Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 5 yıl Before

In August of 2001, the Israelis killed a 4-year-old Palestinian girl.

Ali - 5 yıl Before

If they weren't criminals or murderers they wouldn't be in jail.