Thousands of Europeans volunteer for Israeli army

A report released by Euro-Mid has claimed that thousands of European mercenaries are volunteering in the Israeli army and are directly involved in killing Palestinian civilians.

Thousands of Europeans volunteer for Israeli army

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It has been claimed that hundreds of Europeans are volunteering as mercenaries for the Israeli army and partake in the killing of Palestinian civilians.

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights is due to publish a comprehensive report sharing the details, in which cases of European volunteers killing women and children in the Gaza Strip is expected to be featured.

The volunteers are believed to have been recruited by Jewish and Christian right-wing Zionist groups. One particular group named in the report is the London based Mahal organization, which has been recruiting volunteers for a decade.

Middle-East Monitor quoted a statement by Euro-Mid saying "The organisation is targeting youth groups, males under the age of 24 and females under 21, through educational programmes that can last as long as 18 months," adding that "thousands of volunteers from about 40 countries, mostly from Europe, have joined the Israeli army, with none of them held accountable or investigated by his or her country of origin."

Another organization based in Norway is supposedly offering volunteers an apartment, money and two return tickets home every year, and is believed to have recruited as many as 5,000 people.

A video released by Euro-Mid shows a Ukrainian woman who admitted on live TV that she had volunteered for the Israeli army and killed Palestinian children.

If proved true, this recruiting service will be a violation of International Law.

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Monty Pogoda
Monty Pogoda - 5 yıl Before

What Bullcrap!!Nobody kills "palestinian" women and children indiscriminately. The Israeli army is the most humane on earth and has no mercenaries.

Andy Gill
Andy Gill - 5 yıl Before

It's great to see Europeans putting themselves on the line to help defend Israel from her enemies. Europe knows that the biggest threat to world peace is fundamentalist Islam, and that enemies of Israel are enemies of Europe.

Catherine - 5 yıl Before

There are a shame for European, Israeli army are assassin, many documentaries show how they indiscriminately shot kids, women and unarmed men, they are constantly harassing physically and mentally the Palestinian, it is a shame that the est of the world watch without taking drastic measures against those inhuman people. Israel is the worst terrorist ever created on earth. Peace !!

Eva - 5 yıl Before

I have been to the West Bank and it's no different then the ghettos the nazis used to imprision the Jewish ppl. This army has NO MORALS NO CONCIOUS. They kill murder oppress and place themselves above every law. I pray one day a peaceful solution is found and the spilling of innocent blood on both sides ends. It's time that we all understand no one is above the law.

mm - 5 yıl Before

Israeli army are assassin !!!!!palestinien are terrorist this inc children