CHP photo with Assad, Reyhanli suspect a liability

A photo of the meeting between Assad and Turkey’s opposition CHP members of parliament includes one of the suspects of the Reyhanli bomb attacks in Turkey.

CHP photo with Assad, Reyhanli suspect a liability

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It has emerged that Abu Firas, an agent of the Syrian Muhabarat, personally partook in the meetings between Syrian president Assad and the delegation of the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Regarding Abu Firas, Rayhanli bombing suspect Mahmut K. has said “my partner Anas Asalieh arranged the meeting in Damascus. Likewise, the CHP had claimed “he just took us to Damascus with a taxi."

A photograph has proven that Abu Firas, who arranged a one-on-one meeting with CHP Hatay MP Refik Eryilmaz, was also present at the meetings between Assad and CHP deputies Hasan Akgol, Mevlut Dudu, Safak Pavey and Aytug Atici.

The CHP deputies had taken souvenir photos with Bashar al-Assad, who has provoked reactions for the massacres committed against his own people, and published them in the press.

While responses to this photo were mounting, a second photo of the gathering was published. This photo includes CHP deputies from Hatay Hasan Akgol and Mevlut Dudu, Istanbul deputy Safak Pavey and Mersin deputy Aytug Atici. Another person is depicted sitting to the right of Aytug.

The identity of the person who has remained unidentified until now has emerged. It has been determined that the person seated among the CHP delegation is Syrian El Muhaberat agent Anas Asalieh. Asalieh is the owner of the taxi company which transported the CHP delegation to Damascus, about whom Mahmoud K. said "he is my representative in Damascus, he has good relations with the Syrian administration."

Asalieh, whose code name is Abu Firas, is depicted as having personally attended the meetings between the CHP deputies and Assad.

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