Erdogan intervenes in the bug case hearing

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has personally intervened in the investigation of the tapping of his office while Prime Minister in 2011, with his application being accepted by the High Criminal Court.

Erdogan intervenes in the bug case hearing

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13 former police officers have been stood to trial as a result of an investigation into the tapping of President Recep Tayyip Erdogans office. The application for the investigation was made by the President himself and was accepted by the court. The first court decision at the trial did not accept the acquittal of the policemen involved. In the 7th High Criminal Court, the accused and their lawyers were present as well as the lawyers representing the President.If found guilty, they could be jailed for up to 36 years and six months.

The trial is linked to a corruption scandal that rocked Turkey and its government in December 2013 and is partly based on intercepted telephone conversations.

Erdogan denied the claims saying that the allegations were concocted by Fethullah Gulen who lives in self-exile in the United States, to bring down his government.

According to the indictment the policemen have been accused of placing bugs in various locations inside electricity plugs that were used by Erdogan while he was Prime Minister in 2011. In December authorities also raeided a newspaper and television channel closely linked to Gulen.

The start of the trial comes as a Turkish parliamentary commission on January 5 is to set to decide whether four ex-ministers who resigned in the wake of the corruption scandal should go on trial.


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