Erdogan: No special concessions in new Turkey-UPDATED

Turkish PM made frequent references to the “new Turkey,” which he says is a country where nobody will feel alienated.

Erdogan: No special concessions in new Turkey-UPDATED

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey is going trough “a true normalization” process with recent steps by his government towards democratization, adding they put their heart into the solution process for permanent peace, despite the irresponsible attitude of opposition parties, all external and internal attacks, and provocation of war lobbies. 

Speaking at his parties 21st consultation and evaluation meeting in the Kizilcahamam district of Turkish capital Ankara, Erdogan said “What is being experienced in Turkey is true normalization” and that they have been carrying out the solution process with great sensitivity and patience. 

"Those who undermine the (solution) process, will be buried under the burden of the process," said Erdogan. 

“There won't be sufferings of the past in the new Turkey,” Erdogan said.

New Turkey

Noting that every step by the government towards normalization is being turned into as a “fear scenario” by some circles, Erdoğan said these steps are aiming to “relieve” those whose lifestyles had been interfered in. 

Erdogan stressed that certain groups have been intentionally bringing some concepts into Turkey's agenda, which aim to weaken the political grounds. 

"These concepts are dictatorship, civil dictatorship, post-modern authoritativeness, Muslim guardianship, polarization, dominance of the majority over minority, peer pressure, and  intervention on lifestyle." said Erdogan. 

"In the new Turkey there is no room for special concessions. There will be no more special concessions in politics, law, economy or social life. Turkey belongs to 76 million people. The flag, the nation and the shared values of this country belong to 76 million people."

"Highlighting the different views and desires of society is not a step towards polarization. Polarization is caused by those who resort to terrorism, violence, street riots and illegal means to achieve or protect special concessions. We will obstruct this polarization with all of our might. We see negotiations with those who want to achieve or protect these special concessions as a betrayal of democracy, human rights and most importantly, the people."

“What is normal is allowing headscarf-wearing students to enter university campuses. What is normal is abnormal is not attendance of headscarf-wearing deputies in Parliament, but their being prevented from doing this so far. What is normal is allowing every language to be spoken freely. This is what is happening now,” Erdogan added.

Turkish PM Erdogan said these concepts were intentionally intruded into Turkey's agenda at certain times within framework of certain programs.

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