Erdogan unjustly accused of stoking 'sectarian tensions'

Turkish EU minister Egemen Bagis opposes to an article by International Herald Tribune claiming Erdogan stoked "sectarian fires".

Erdogan unjustly accused of stoking 'sectarian tensions'
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"Our prime minister is accused unjustly of stoking sectarian tensions," said Turkey's EU Minister Egemen Bagis in a letter he sent to the International Herald Tribune is response to an article by Halil Karaveli that appeared on the international edition of New York Times on October 8, titled "Erdogan stokes sectarian fires."

Bagis wrote in his letter that Turkey was not a country of military coups any more and the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party government had never taken any sectarian steps.

"We always take inclusive steps towards our citizens from every belief, ethnic origin and life style. The democratization package that we declared on September 30, is the latest sign of our decisiveness in this regard," said Bagis in his reply.

Bagis also added that a next democratization initiative of the government would be aimed at meeting the demands of the country's Alewite citizens.

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