EU ready to help Turkey's solution process: delegation

The Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey stated Tuesday that the EU was ready to help Turkey's solution process.

EU ready to help Turkey's solution process: delegation

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Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey Jean-Maurice Ripert stated Tuesday that EU was ready to help in Turkey's solution process and in missing investments in the southeastern part of Turkey.

Speaking at the "Turkey-EU relations: Expectations for future" symposium in the scope of the inter-parliamentarian exchange and dialogue project, Ripert said that Turkey has taken important steps with the third and fourth judicial reform packages, in addition to the usage of different languages in courts.

"The EU is ready to help in the brave solution process Turkey started, start of the withdrawal of PKK terrorist organization and the coming up of missing investments in southeastern part of Turkey. This process is the best opportunity to solve an issue, which cost many lives," Ripert said. "When looked at the political reforms, there is a big transformation in Turkey. There are steps to take for basic human rights. We, as EU, give importance to a watch mechanism for basic human rights. EU continues to support the processes with general participation".

Irish Ambassador to Turkey Kenneth Thompson stated that they aim to start a new term between Turkey-EU relations on 26th June with the opening of 22nd chapter topics.

He said, "We think that this chapter will help development. We support Turkey's peace process. Ireland has experience in starting a process and coming through it. There are no ultimate solutions in no case, however, if weapons don't speak, political forces will carry their works to a more satisfactory process".

European Union Affairs Head Dominic Hannigan said Ireland sees Turkey as an important partner of the union and wants its membership and said, "If we can learn different things from each other, if we get successful in uniting our people and believe that an EU with Turkey will be a stronger union, we'll progress."

24th term EU adaptation commission chief Mehmet Tekelioglu emphasized that Turkey was fighting against the terrorism issue for many years by saying, "If we can overcome this issue, minimizing the lacks in democracy and human rights will become easier. I want to note Turkey's new constitution work [...] Turkey processes without deviating from its EU path."

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