FETÖ plan: to use Istanbul's Formula 1 stadium as a prison

If the pro-FETÖ coup had succeeded in Turkey, the Formula One Circuit in Istanbul would have been used as a mass prison, according to new information acquired by intelligence units

FETÖ plan: to use Istanbul's Formula 1 stadium as a prison

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During the attempted coup plot in July 15, the bloodiest one in Turkish history, the pro-FETÖ coupists had planned to use Istanbul Park Formula 1 Ground as a mass prison.

The failed coup attempt, organized by the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) members in the Turkish military, killed 241 people and injured more than 2,200 others when firing on demonstrators on the streets in Istanbul and Ankara and Istanbul's bridge.

Putschists, who have been following direct orders from their U.S.-based leader, Fetullah Gülen, used tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to kill civilians to stand in favor of democracy.

The FETÖ extremists also targeted killing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with his family, and bombed the Parliament, Presidency and Police HQ in Ankara.

The Turkish judiciary launched a wide-ranging investigation against the FETÖ terror group and its members, and discovered new details about their plan.

According to the investigators and intelligence units, the coupists would use Istanbul Grand Prix as a mass prison if the coup had succeeded.

FETÖ members had inspected the Formula One Circuit in Kurtköy, in the outskirts of the Asian side of Istanbul, that has a capacity of 155,000 viewers.

On June 12,13 and 14, a month before the attempted coup night, the coupist military officers, including a lieutenant colonel, had conducted surveillance flights on the circuit. They had flown low over the pitch.

Following the field research, the pro-junta officers had demanded information on the capacity and other details of the stadium from the authority.

According to the intelligence unit, the FETÖ-linked soldiers had also examined the roads linked to the stadium, and surrounding areas.

They had planned to control two underpasses linking the highway and three overpasses near the Grand Prix.

Moreover, all control towers, including two VIP towers, would have been seized by the putschists, according to the plan.

Intelligence unit is investigating the lieutenant colonel who led the surveillance flight over the 12,700-square kilometer area.

The house of Turkish Prime Minister Binal Yıldırım is also near the Istanbul Park Formula One Circuit.

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