Former Talabani adviser arrested

Hatice Yasar, who served a period as Talabani’s advisor, was arrested in Turkey when she returned after 34 years.

Former Talabani adviser arrested

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Hatice Yasar, the former adviser of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, was detained in Ankara. Yasar was arrested after being questioned under the Anti-Terrorism Law (TMK) 10.
Yasar, who previously served as the editorial director of Ala Rızgari prior to September 12, 1980, has resided in Iraq for many years.

It was learned that she arrived in Turkey to resume political activities.

Yasar is accused of “'being a member of an armed organization." The file in which Hatice Yasar is found includes Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leaders like Murat KArayilan, Cemil Bayik, Duran Kalkan, Ali Haydar Kaytan, Zubayr Aydar, Remzi Kartal and Osman Ocalan.

Yasar was sent to the prison in Sincan.

Yasar’s lawyer Levent Kanat indicates that a decision for the arrest of 40 to 50 people was made on May 10, 2012. Kanat defends that the accused it is not clear which organization Yasar is part of.

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