Germany to cooperate with Turkey in anti-terror struggle

Since Turkey does not see enough support for its anti-terror struggle from other countries, it has signed a cooperation protocol with Germany, one of the countries it criticizes most.

Germany to cooperate with Turkey in anti-terror struggle

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Turkey and Germany have decided to cooperate in fighting the financing of terrorism. In the struggle against terrorism’s financial resources and money laundering, Turkey and Germany will engage in data sharing.

An agreement of "close cooperation in combating the financial resources of terrorism and money laundering” has been signed between the two countries.

According to Turkish press, the agreement signed after three years of negotiation predicts anticipates information sharing and the exchange of financial intelligence.

According to the protocol, persons and institutions linked to the financing of terrorism will be placed under investigation. Data transfer will be conducted through special technical means.

Under the agreement, information will not be supplied to any third party and will not be available during the investigation process without such permission being granted regarding the obtained information.

According to recent reports by the German domestic intelligence agency, there are currently approximately 13 thousand active members of the PKK in Germany.

The report also indicates that the PKK obtains a revenue of 10 million Euros in Germany a year. Turkey aims especially to impede the PKK's financial resources and money transfers through the agreement.

The cooperation against terrorism was last brought up as part of the agenda during German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Turkey. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had criticized Europe in this regard.

After the completion of the approval processes of both countries, the memorandum of understanding signed by the Turkey’s Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) and German financial intelligence agencies will come into force in the coming days.


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