Istanbul tourist guide's screams prevented deaths

A tourist guide who was leading a group of German tourists prevented further deaths with her screams when she noticed the suicide bomber in Sultanahmet district of Istanbul moments before the explosion.

Istanbul tourist guide's screams prevented deaths

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Sultanahmet district was rocked by a suicide bomber yesterday with 10 people killed. Many lives were saved when Sibel Satiroglu screamed for tourists to "run" when she noticed the suicide bomber at the last minute, preventing the death of many other people.

According to a news report by Eyup Serbest and Burcu Purtul Ucar for Hurriyet newspaper, noticed the suicide bomber and screamed in German "Lauft Weg" meaning "run" preventing further deaths. Satiroglu was wounded in the leg in the explosion and has suffered from hearing loss in her ears.

Speaking to police Satiroglu said, "I was with a group of 20-25 people near the Obelisk. I heard a trigger sound. I realised it wasn't a normal sound and I looked around me. Amongst our group I noticed someone who appeared to be Turkish looking in our German group. He had a cleanshave face, with a small beard. I saw him pull the pin trigger, and I screamed for everyone to run. We started running as the bomb exploded".

Source: Radikal

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