Jewish Press: Turkish intel chief should be assassinated

Jewish Press journalist suggested Turkish intelligence chief should be assassinated

Jewish Press: Turkish intel chief should be assassinated

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Jewish Press journalist Yori Yanover suggested Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan should be assassinated.

In the last article, Yanover wrote: “If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it's [Hakan] Fidan, the Turkish spy chief. He is a key Erdoğan man, who was handed the MIT [National Intelligence Organization] in 2010”

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said Israel apparently used to run part of its Iranian spy network out of Turkey, giving Turkish secret services the opportunity to monitor their movements. The paper quoted U.S. officials as saying Israel believed the Turks would never turn on the Jewish state after years of cooperation.

However, it said that in early 2012 Erdogan disclosed to Tehran the identities of 10 Iranians who had travelled to Turkey to meet Israeli spies.

Iran has long accused Israel of spying on it soil and of killing several Iranian nuclear scientists - the last in January 2012.

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki Thursday said that the US and Turkey continued to work closely on eintelligence activities while declining to comment on a recent report that Ankara thwarted Israeli intelligence efforts in 2012.


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