Joining CHP 'democratic meeting': Sarigul

CHP's new name Mustafa Sarigul implies they will respect every belief and secularism in new period starting with him.

Joining CHP 'democratic meeting': Sarigul

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Istanbul's Sisli mayor Mustafa Sarigul, joined the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) with a ceremony held in his new party, saying, "This democratic meeting has initiated a very important process for Turkey's history of democracy."

Sarigul replied the questions of the journalists while leaving the party headquarters and highlighted this day as the time for union and solidarity by saying, "Today is time to respect the beliefs, and to keep the secularism as well as protecting our manners, moral values, and traditions."

Underlining that they will leave no stone unturned, Sarigul said, "we have come here to greet CHP and to receive their greetings, to lay fertile tables, and to get the benediction of our elders."

Sarigul returned to the CHP after a period of eight years. His return to the CHP comes as the party is preparing for municipal elections in March 2014.

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