Leader of Hamas attends AK Party congress in Turkey

At the AK party Congress in Konya, guest of honour was Khald Meshal, the chief of Hamas

Leader of Hamas attends AK Party congress in Turkey

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Hamas Political Cheif Khalid Meshaal said, “To the people of Konya, know that a strong Konya, a strong Turkey, a strong Jerusalem means a strong Palestine. On the path to victory, Allah is with us as He is with you. Turkey, a democratic Turkey, a stable Turkey and Turkey that is ready to stand up is a source of strength for all Muslims”.

At the 5th Ordinary Provinicial Congress held by the AK party in Konya, the citizens recited the takbir, saying “ Allah u Akbar, may God bless you all” in reply to Meshal's powerful statement.

Meshal starting his speech with the basmalah, which is the beginning of all Muslim prayers and congratulated Ahmet Davutoglu and his team. Expressing his gratitude for being in Turkey, Meshal continued, “Hello to Konya. Konya is a city of heroes where leaders are born. From Palestine, that has given the Isra and Miraj, we give our salutations to you. The girls of Jerusalem, and the men, and the children who are protecting Masjid Al Aksa give their salutations to you”.

Jerusalem was the first point of prayer for Muslims and in 1980 when occupied by Israel, the people of Konya had poured into the streets onto Jerusalem to defend it. Meshal, who reminisced that time said, “Resistance and peace which is a symbol from Gaza. It is a Gaza that in order for the embargo to be lifted sacrificed 9 of its lives. May our Lord have mercy on Turkey and its martyrs, and have mercy on Palestinian martyrs and the martyrs of the ummah”.

Mashal said a strong Turkey means a strong Jerusalem and Palestine. 

"A democratic, stable and developed Turkey empowers all Muslims," Mashal said. "We will hopefully save Palestine and Jerusalem in the future just as your people protected Jerusalem, Al -Aqsa and Palestine for ages in the past."

In response to the cheering, he said, “Although I do not understand what you are saying, I understand your hearts very well”.

In response to the care and consideration that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have shown in regards to the crises in Palestine, he said “I congratulate the people of Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ahmet Davutoglu. In the way your people in the past have protected Jerusalem, Al Aqsa and Palestine, they will also save Palestine and Jerusalem once more. Turkey's AK party has hosted me at their congress, in Konya, in Istabul for us is a great honour. It is our desire that we can also host you at our congress in Palestine.”

Turkish flag 'symbol of protecting world's oppressed'

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said that the Turkish flag has become a symbol of protecting oppressed people around the world as well as a token of Turkey's independence. 

"Throughout the world, this red flag will fly alongside those of Palestine, free Syria and all other oppressed people," he told a provincial congress of his Justice and Development Party.

The Turkish PM added that Turkey regards the Palestinian cause as its own cause and Palestine's land as holy as Turkish land.


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