Make your final decision on Turkey, Erdogan tells EU

President calls for European leaders to make call on EU membership ahead of yearly progress report

Make your final decision on Turkey, Erdogan tells EU

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday called on the EU to make a final decision on Turkey’s accession to the union.

Speaking ahead of an annual EU report assessing Turkey’s progress on EU membership and visa-free travel due later in the day, Erdogan said: “They shamelessly say that Turkey’s EU negotiations should be reviewed. You are late. Review it as soon as possible.

“But do not just review, make your final decision.”

Turkey applied to join the union in 1987 and negotiations began in 2005. As part of a deal agreed last year to stem the tide of refugees to Europe, Turkey was promised a relaxation of travel restrictions for its nationals and an acceleration of its membership application.

However, since the July 15 coup attempt, relations between Ankara and Brussels have fallen to a low as Turkish politicians lament the EU’s muted response to the attempted takeover and EU leaders criticize Turkey over widespread arrests and job suspensions in its wake.

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