Minister: EU needs Turkey to overcome its burdens

Turkey's EU minister says EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs EU.

Minister: EU needs Turkey to overcome its burdens
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The EU needs Turkey's membership to overcome its burdens, Turkish EU Minister Volkan Bozkir said on Wednesday.

"We see our relationship with the EU as a win-win relationship, based on mutual interests," Bozkir said during a speech on the third day of the annual Turkish ambassadors conference, adding that the EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU. 

"Today, strong economic markets are not in Europe, but they are in Turkey," Bozkir added. "The young population is not in Europe, but in Turkey. There is no military in Europe, but Turkey has a very powerful army. There is no any other country that will ensure the EU's energy security."

Turkey applied for EU membership in 1987 and accession talks began in 2005.

Negotiations, however, hit a stalemate in 2007 because of Turkey’s position on the Cyprus issue and opposition to its full EU membership by the German and French governments.

Turkey does not recognize southern Cyprus, which is a member of the EU.

To gain membership, Turkey has to successfully conclude negotiations with the EU in 35 policy chapters, which involve reforms and the adoption of European standards.

So far, 14 chapters have been opened, while 17 remain blocked and another four have yet to be discussed.

"Opening chapters is no longer a problem for Turkey," Bozkir said. "Opening chapters is the responsibility of the EU. We will be glad if they open the chapters, but we will not, if they do not."


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