Nationalists snub main opp: 'No coalition without AK party'

MHP Chairman Bahceli has rejected the CHP leader Kilicdaroglu's offer of being Prime Minister in a joint coalition as "cheap", and has given the green light for an early election, with a date of November 15.

Nationalists snub main opp: 'No coalition without AK party'

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MHP Chairman Bahçeli, has rejected the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu coalition proposal, saying that there can be no coalition without the AK party, saying, "an early election was the most reasonable choice".

He also said that, "division of the society is very important do not underestimate it", giving a green signal for an early election. Bahceli went on to say, "When the divison deepens, it gives way to one to become authoritarian and a path to dictatorship. This needs to be prevented.All these factors, while trying to prevent the formation of a coalition at the insistence of the formation of a coalition doesn't need to lead Turkey into another downturn. An early election is the most logical decision. It can either be a victory for us or be our failure".

"If an early election decision is made, then we are ready for this. If there is a government crisis in the country, consulting to the will of the people will be the best path. If this is what is appropriate, November 15 is a an approrpiate date. If this is what everyone wants, we will follow suit".

Speaking to the Sozcu Daily Turkish newspaper, MHP leader Bahceli said that they had rejected the offer of CHP Kemal Kilicdaroglu's coalition offer, saying that, "We are not in the pursuit of petty issues" and that there would be "no coalition without the AK Party."

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