PKK to release Turkish hostages: report

16 Turkish hostages held by the PKK are said to be released this Saturday.

PKK to release Turkish hostages: report

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A Turkish report says that 16 civilians and soldiers held captive by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) will be released Saturday.

Kurutulus Tayiz, from Taraf newspaper, has revealed that the hostages are to be released. According to Tayiz, the 16 hostages will be released this Saturday.

Tayiz’s article states: “Following the BDP delegation’s visit of Abdullah Ocalan, the resolution process gained momentum. The BDP in Ankara and the PKK in Qandil are evaluating the messages from Abdullah Ocalan. The information I obtained regards what the state and Ocalan have long agreed upon.”  

The reason behind the activity surrounding Imrali lately is the agreement reached between the state and PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the preparation of the organization to it.

Ocalan conveyed his commitment to a solution to the two separate pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) delegations which visited him, expressing that he had relinquished the idea of armed conflict.

Ocalan explained to both delegations that his thoughts about armed struggle were not tactical but strategic, and that he would make a “historic agreement” to reinforce the united destiny of the Turkish and Kurdish people. His sealed letters contain the details of this project. It is hoped that this spring will provide Turkey’s “great peace.” This is what the solution project at Imrali between the state and Ocalan envisages.


It is also necessary to explain the “inaction” or “ceasefire” and the "deportation across the border" topics. The ceasefire and deportation are not conceived of as processes which will be implemented separately and over time. They are planned as processes that will be implemented simultaneously and swiftly.

It will not be a repeat of 1999 when a ceasefire within Turkey’s borders was announced; along with the ceasefire, armed militants will be deported across the border. From the viewpoint of Ocalan, this is considered a strategic part of the “great peace” plan. And for this reason, the peace declaration will be brought to the agenda as a “historic” moment symbolic of a “farewell to arms” on Newroz. Newroz, the celebration of the traditional Iranian new year by Kurdish society, will be celebrated as a peace and brotherhood holiday for the Turkish and Kurdish people.


The encouraging development of the release of the 16 soldiers and civilians held captive by the PKK will also be experienced in the coming days. Following Ocalan’s message, The PKK leaders in the Qandil Mountains instructed that the hostages dispersed in camps beyond the border be brought together. It has been learned that the hostages will be released this Saturday. 

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