Pro-Kurdish party to relay PKK leader's messages to Qandil

Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party will convey Ocalan's messages to PKK ledears in Qandil Mountains.

Pro-Kurdish party to relay PKK leader's messages to Qandil

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BDP Co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas indicated that the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) will avoid attitudes which will obstruct meetings regarding the Imrali process, the negotiation process between the ruling AK Party (JDP) and leaders of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Demirtas stated that “After the meetings [with Ocalan], we will ensure the delivery of the messages to [the Qandil Mountains]. We do not necessarily have to go to Qandil,” referring to the PKK leaders in the Qandil Mountains.

The Justice Ministry on Thursday approved a list of deputies from the pro-Kurdish party BDP who sought permission to visit Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the PKK. This followed after a long controversy over the deputies to be included in the delegation that will visit Ocalan at Imrali island as part of ongoing peace talks to disarm the PKK.

BDP President Demirtas, who gathered with journalists at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, expressed that he did not approve of how Prime Minister Erdogan had carried out discussions regarding the delegation to be sent to Imrali island by arguing that “co-chairpersons will not do.”

Demirtas said, “I think they came to realize. Some AKP members told us ‘If only we had not made such an argument.’ The ‘co-chairpersons have been vetoed’ approach was not right. As the process progresses, co-chairpersons must go to the island.”


Demirtas, who indicated that Ocalan had provided the government with a road map which he wanted presented to the public, explained “We cannot accept a responsibility such as obstructing this [negotiation] process. The government has asked us about visiting the island. During the Olso process, they had met with Oslo and Qandil. This time they have requested that we convey the messages. They are the ones who call upon, and prevent, us. We will ensure the delivery of the messages to Qandil following the meetings. We do not necessarily have to go to Qandil. We will be of assistance.”

Demirtas stated, “Of scourse everyone would want to meet and discuss with Mr. Ocalan, but there is no resentment. Every decision arrived at between Ocalan and Qandil regarding arms is a decision we will defend and stand behind.”


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