Roadmap letters by PKK leader 'leaked'

If the road map presented by Ocalan is considered suitable by the parties, the announcement of a collective declaration is expected.

Roadmap letters by PKK leader 'leaked'

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A Turkish TV said it has gained access to the content of the 3 letters prepared by jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan containing a roadmap for the negotiation process between the PKK and the government.

According to a Turkish private TV, the letters are about 20 pages.

The letters mainly contain lengthy analyses of the historical process of, and the point reached in, the Kurdish question.

According to NTV, Ocalan has asked that Turkey remove its reservations on the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

The letters also draw attention to the expectations that the general definition of citizenship in the new constitution not emphasize ethnic and religious references.

The expectations are that responses to the letters will arrive by the end of March. During this period, the most critical date is March 21, or Nowruz, the traditional Iranian new year celebrated by the Kurdish population.

The calm, positive passage of Nowruz is seen as being an important threshold for the process.

If the road map presented by Ocalan is considered suitable by the parties, the announcement of a collective declaration is expected.


During this time, a new delegation will also visit Imrali island, where Ocalan is held. The information obtained suggests that Ocalan presents a three-phase plan in his letter.


The first phase of the plan is the withdrawal of PKK elements in Turkey to Northern Iraq. The first step toward this will be the organization’s decision to assume a nonviolent stance by June.


For the healthy implementation of the process, the second phase is the creation of infrastructure. The establishment of a commission in Parliament is on the agenda. However, expectations are that it will not be named the “Truth Investigation Commission.”

In connection with the commission process, issues regarding what needs to be done, such as changes in laws and legislation, will also be addressed.

In parallel with the parliamentary commission, a separate commission composed of non-governmental organizations will meet with different segments of society in the east and west, assessing their reservations and concerns, to present their views to the parliamentary commission.


The third phase is the normalization period. Included among the steps expected of this period are the reorganization of the Mahmur Camp in Iraq and ensuring the return of PKK members who did not engage in crime to their families.

Members of the organization who were not involved in crimes do not have criminal records in Turkey. The ensuring of their return through existing legal procedures is being considered.

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