Row grows between CHP leader and EU socialists

Socialist Group President Swoboda said "I could no longer meet with (Turkey's main opposition leader) Kilicdaroglu, unless he would make it clear that Assad statement was misinterpretation"

Row grows between CHP leader and EU socialists

Socialist Group President of the European Parliament Hannes Swoboda said "I could no longer meet with Kilicdaroglu, unless he would make it clear that this statement was misinterpretation" related to Kilicdaroglu's comparison of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Bashar Al Assad.      

Swoboda spoke about the process of the cancellation of the bilateral meeting with Kilicdaroglu to AA.      

"I think it's very obvious and clear. After the statement of the leader of CHP to compare Erdogan with Assad, an elected prime minister to a president who is killing his own people, I could no longer meet with Mr. Kilicdaroglu, unless he would make it clear that this statement was misinterpretation. There was a formulation which was found with his collaborates, but at the end of the day, he rejected the idea to publish that, and then I said, look then it is no sense to have a discussion" said Swoboda.      

Swoboda also stated that the declaration was already agreed but finally Kilicdaroglu "threw it back" and added "It was very clear he was on the way to my office and my people said, look under these circumstances it doesn't mean that we'll have a useful discussion."           

"It's not about freedom of expression"

Swoboda also answered the statement of the officials from CHP that Swoboda's reaction had been against EU's freedom of expression policy.      

"I think that the freedom of expression in EU is much bigger than in Turkey. So, I took something that is any valid argument. It's not about freedom of expression, it's about respect. Mr. Kilicdaroglu was the guest of our group and he made this declaration before the panel of S&D (Socialists & Democrats), and I cannot accept that they go to some family and then make that declaration which counter the feelings and opinion of that family. This is a non-respect of our host and is a misuse of hospitality" said Swoboda.           

"Democratically elected prime minister of a democratic country"          

Swoboda said "It's absolutely non-sense. I made my criticisms of Mr. Erdogan quite often, but I have to respect the personality. Mr. Erdogan is the prime minister, democratically elected, of a democratic country. And with all the criticism on him, I cannot compare Mr. Erdogan with a brutal dictator" for accusations from CHP circles saying he was acting like the advocate of Prime Minister Erdogan.        

Swoboda criticized the party by saying "I think CHP has finally defined into modernity" and added:      

"They are still backward in the last century, it's up to them, but they really have to promote modern thinking and that is that you don't destroy the possible cooperation. There are so many things to solve in Turkey, from the Kurdish issue to Syria, that (for) a responsible party who wants to be again in government. It's not a chance that they haven't been in the government for many years, but a party that wants to be in government has to act responsible."           

"Throw out some of his advisers"          

Swoboda denied the allegations that claimed his reaction was imposed by officials from the Turkish government.      

"This shows how crazy the thinking of some of the people is. I mean, if he would think like that why did he come to visit us, if he thinks that about our group- He should rather refrain, throw out some of his advisers, because he is getting bad advice on these issues. He should take leadership of the party and bring the party into the 21st century" stated Swoboda.           

Swoboda also evaluated the speech of Kilicdaroglu who said Turks in European countries vote for leftist parties, but Turkish people in Turkey vote for right parties.      

"CHP has to answer this question herself. Why for many years they didn't get enough votes to form a government- This is not for us to decide. We have enough support of Turkish people, for example in my home country, big majority is voting for us and have an excellent relationship with the Turkish people, because I fight for the integration of Turkish people in our societies. Mr. Kilicdaroglu has to find his answer for his problem" said Swoboda.


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