Son of right wing Turkish MHP party founder expelled

Son of right wing MHP founder expelled from party that his father founded.

Son of right wing Turkish MHP party founder expelled

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Tugrul Turkes, the son of MHP founder Alparslan Turkes has been expelled from the party although he remains as an adviser to the party.

The decision comes a day after he made a press annoucement stating that there would be no valid reason for his expulsion.

In his statement, Turkes implied that a power struggle was not an issue, saying that "I gave power to the party. There are some who have criticized this ruling".

Turkes was referred to a  disciplinary committee after he joined the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) leader Ahmet Davutoğlu's interim cabinet which will govern the country until the snap elections that take place on November 1. By joining the cabinet, Turkes claimed that he was acting in accordance with the constitution.

Candidacy to continue

In response to claims by Devlet Bahceli that he was a spendthrift regarding inheritance, he said, "Yes, because its my inheritance under religious and state laws. What I am asking is, whose inheritance are you spending?".

Having been a candidate with Bahceli's approval for the past three governments, Turkes also said that he would not forward any candidacy without his approval.


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