Spying of resigned CHP leader was known

Suspects knew about the tape before footage was released that opposition party's ex-head resigned over, and that they threw a celebratory party

Spying of resigned CHP leader was known

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Investigations conducted by the prosecution in the Ergenekon case determine that suspected illegal network leader Mustafa Ozsoy and ex MP Tacidar Seyhan knew about the cameras and listening devices at the party headquarters and in the room of former CHP party leader Deniz Baykal, who resigned following a sex tape scandal.

After 2.5 years, the sex tape scandal which forced the former leader of main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Deniz Baykal to resign from his position has become the subject of inquiry in terror trials.

23 suspects, among them lawyers, retired judges, and courthouse civil servants, were placed under supervision, under the instruction of Ergenekon prosecutor Muammer Akkas, as persons allegedly attempting to influence the judiciary process through bribery and blackmail.

Through technical and physical surveillance of the suspects, information regarding the Baykal scandal tape was discovered.

The prosecution has determined that suspects knew about the tape before footage was released on the internet, and that they threw a celebratory party at the time of its release.

Questions about the Baykal tape were asked in November of last year, but suspects had claimed to have no knowledge about the incident.

But the prosecution expanded its investigation. The meetings between Tacidar Seyhan, the then CHP MP from Adana, and Mustafa Ozsoy, suspected of being the leader of an illegal network, were monitored through technical and physical surveillance. The prosecution determined through physical tracking that Ozsoy and former MP Seyhan had many correspondences by phone, and had met face-to-face at the airport and some hotels.


It has been learned that the investigation file contains photographs from the technical monitoring of the meetings. The tapped phone conversations have also been decrypted. It has been established that in the phone decryptions Ozsoy provides information about the placement of a “camera and listening devise in Baykal’s room.”


Following these developments, prosecutor Akkas referred to former MP Tacidar Seyhan as a 'suspect' while calling on his testimony. However Seyhan indicated that he had been an MP at the time of the surveillance, and would not testify verbally, but would respond to the questions in writing only. Upon which prosecutor Akkas provided Seyhan with 6 pages of questions to answer. Former MP Seyhan answered the questions in January through his lawyer.

The prosecution inquired about the meetings which had been physically and technically monitored. It has been learned that Seyhan confirmed meeting with Ozsoy and stated that “The person in question informed me that Deniz Baykal’s room was being watched and listened to, and that cameras and listening devices had been placed at the party headquarters.”


It has been determined that in one telephone conversation alleged illegal network leader Mustafa Ozsoy tells Seyhan “A camera and listening devise have been placed in Number One’s room. They’ve also been placed in some places at the party headquarters. Be careful,” and that Seyhan asked “Are there any elsewhere?”

Seyhan was asked “After receiving this information, did you inform Deniz Baykal that he was being monitored?" It has been learned that Seyhan said that he had not met with Deniz Baykal, but that he had from time to time shared some of the information with some figures at the party headquarters. The question “Did this person provide information regarding the tape about Deniz Baykal released on the internet?” It has been learned that Seyhan said that Ozsoy did not supply information on this topic, and expressed that “No meeting with the person in question occurred following the tape incident.”


It was determined that there were some encrypted conversations between Seyhan and Ozsoy. The prosecution asked Seyhan "Why did you have encrypted conversations?" Seyhan Tacidar is quoted as saying that he did not speak openly since his conversations could be listened to.


It has been learned that former MP Seyhan said that suspect Mustafa Ozsoy also supplied information that a camera had been placed in the room of Edirne Mayor Hamdi Sedefci, and stated “Following this information, we found the camera and with the conviction of the information’s accuracy, gravitated toward this name more.”

Tacidar Seyhan, who it has been learned said that he tried to receive information from this person while a member of the Parliamentary Illegal Listening Commission, is quoted as stating that he has no knowledge of the illegal activities of the names under investigation. It has been expressed that the prosecution may take testimonies regarding the Baykal incident in the coming days.


Of the 23 suspects questioned at the Istanbul Courthouse at Caglayan last November, 16 were released and 7 suspects were referred to the Anti-Terrorism Judgeship with a request for their arrest. The suspects who were questioned by the judgeship were released after their travelling abroad was banned as a judicial control measure.

Baykal resigned from the CHP leadership in May of 2010 amid fallout from a video clip posted online that allegedly showed him intimately involved with a party deputy. Following the release of the video, Baykal's close supporters pressured him to quit. Baykal put the blame for the emergence of the scandalous video clip on the AK Party, an accusation both denied and condemned by the party. There has been long speculation that the clip was the work of a shady organization that wanted to restructure the CHP.

Founded by Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, the CHP is the voice of the secularist elite.

Accused of being out of touch with a changing Turkey, it has often blocked EU-driven reforms.

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