Syrian sets himself alight to protest pro-Kurdish PYD

A Syrian refugee has set himself on fire to protest his 15 year old sons abduction by the PKK.

Syrian sets himself alight to protest pro-Kurdish PYD

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In the city of Suleymaniye, in the Kurdistan region, a man has set himself alight in front of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) building.

According to a source in Rudaw publication, the Rojavaian man (Kurdish Syrian) Waleed Abdurrahman aged 43 had begun a sitting protest in front of the PYD building at midday. It was later found that he was a Syrian refugee who had fled to Suleymaniye to escape persecution in his hometown.

At around 6.45pm he set himself alight with those nearby running to his aid and rushing him to hospital.
His son Azad, speaking to Rudaw said: "My 15 year old brother Birin, was taking by the PYD to join the PKK without our knowledge. My father wanted my brother back using the PYD as an intermediary"

"The PYD official said that my brother was in Kandil and that there was nothing that they could do. My father then threatened them saying that if you don't bring my son back, I will burn myself alive to which the PYD Suleymaniye official named Garib Heso, said "go burn yourself". My father set himself alight for this reason".

Salar Raza, a Suleymaniye based journalist for Rudaw said that Abdurrahman had burns to 23% of his body and was now in hospital receiving medical attention.

When the Rudaw journalist visited him in hospital, Abdurrahman said "I went to the PYD building to protest against them taking my son. My son was in the Ranya district last night until 9pm. I wanted them to bring my son back".

The PYD also rejected his requests to speak to his son by phone. The PYD represenative Garib Heso, said he was not prepared to make a statement.

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