Tripartite summit ahead of top army promotion meeting

Tripartite summit came before the Supreme Military Council will meet under the chairmanship of Erdogan on August 1.

Tripartite summit ahead of top army promotion meeting

Turkish president has held a meeting with the country's prime minister and its top soldier ahead of a meeting between the government and the senior military brass that decides on promotions and dismissals within the armed forces.

The Supreme Military Council (YAS) meeting is scheduled for August 1, and the gathering will take place with a background of discussions whether the military staff would ask for the promotion of a number generals and admirals currently under a criminal probe into their alleged involvement in a suspected coup plot to overthrow the government.

In Turkey, promotions within the military must be approved by the president in order to go into effect.

Speaking to reporters after Friday's gathering, President Abdullah Gul rejected claims that his meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Gen. Isik Kosaner signalled that this year's YAS meeting could saw another setback, similar to the one that hit last year's meeting in August when the government refused to promote senior soldiers standing criminal cases.

"These [meetings] are quite normal. When making such high level decisions I need to know what I am going put my signature on. No one signs no document with eyes closed," Gul told reporters.

Erdogan, too, sought to ease concerns earlier this week that the upcoming YAS meeting might see tensions heightened.

"I do not believe any tension will arise [at YAS]. In this country, the judiciary functions with its normal mechanisms and whatever the law requires will be done. The law concerning promotions and appointments are clear," Erdogan said, speaking to reporters on his way back home from an official visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, late Wednesday.

Nearly 200 senior soldiers, retired and on active duty, are under criminal probe in the Sledgehammer case, a suspected coup plan devised at a military gathering back in 2003.



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