Turkey bargains for safe zone on Syrian border

The Turkish government has speeded up its efforts to impose a safe zone along the Turkish-Syrian border to deal with a huge exodus of refugees

Turkey bargains for safe zone on Syrian border

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Groundwork efforts have been completed to enforce a safe zone along the Syrian-Turkish border, according to Cemalettin Hasimi, the head of the Public Diplomacy Coordination office in Turkey.

“If the course of events on the border keeps going on as the way they are now, it will become unavoidable to impose a safe zone. We have completed a feasibility study, which is connected with enforcing the zone," Haşimi told reporters in Ankara.

Speaking to Yeni Safak newspaper, Hasimi also said that they are concerned that fighting against the PYD-linked Kurdish militia and ISIL insurgents might weaken the hands of the rebel groups fgitng in Syria.

The US-led coalition's bombing campaign was apparently conducted to root out the ISIL militia in Syria, however a Pentagon report showed that most of the strikes in actual fact have given great support to Salih Muslim of the PYD to connect the cantons as he has planned for the independent Kurdish state.

Ankara has strongly criticized YPG fighters' campaign, which was conducted in the predominantly Arab and Turkmen areas as part of PYD's plan to settle Kurdish communities, mostly from Iraq, in these areas. Turkmen sources said there has been a secret cooperation between PYD-linked militia and ISIL insurgents.

Worst Case Scenario

The director of AFAD, Fuad Okay,said that there are currently six camps, housing up to 55,000 people, in Bab al-Salama, which are just across from the Öncüpınar crossing. "Any critical attempt may result in a rush across our borders," he said. “100,000 people could probably mass along our borders in the first 24 hours."

Oktay said 4,200 Syrian refugees have fled into Turkey over the past four days due to the increasing clashes between Kurdish militia and ISIL. “We are concerned that the demographic make-up of Syria will be drastically changed during this fighting," he added.

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