Turkey sees refugees as assets not burden

A Turkish lawmaker as criticized theEU response to refugees saying that 'We see refugees as an asset to Turkey not as a burden,’

Turkey sees refugees as assets not burden

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A member of Turkey’s ruling AK party and parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday highlighted the differences in responses by Turkey and Europe to the Syrian refugee crisis.

At an event in London on the roles of Turkey and Europe in the crises, Talip Kuçukcan said 

Turks have “wholeheartedly” supported the refugees in their country and “200 thousand Syrian babies were born in Turkey” but “we see them as an asset to Turkey not as a burden. This is one of the many differences between European countries and Turkey.”

Recent global reports on the contribution of immigrants to economies were “very positive”, he added.

Regarding a EU-Turkey refugee deal signed earlier this year, Kucukcan said the EU so far has failed to keep its promises of financing the project in Turkey and criticized the bloc for asking Turkey to reform its terror laws in exchange for the visa deal.

“For us it is necessary, it is a matter of national security, matter of life and death. Fighting terrorism is an issue we will continue to pursue,” Kuçukcan said.

The EU-Turkey deal seeks to discourage irregular migration through the Aegean Sea by taking stricter measures against human traffickers and improving conditions for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

 Also speaking at the event organized by the Union of European Turkish Democrats at the British Parliament was Lord Qurban Hussain who chaired the forum.

He said he admired the “Turkish government for looking after refugees so well,” after seeing first-hand the conditions of refugees during a recent visit to Turkey.



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