Turkey to promote a return to evacuated villages

After the disarmament of the PKK, the government will rehabilitate village guards and launch a return of people to their villages, as PKK members who did not engage in violence will return to society.

Turkey to promote a return to evacuated villages

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The government is preparing a range of social efforts which will be implemented after the completion of the withdrawal of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants from Turkey beginning on May 8.

According to a report in Turkish press, the three important pillars of the process will be “strong support for the return to 4 thousand villages that were evacuated in the scope of the fight against terrorism, projects to help village guards adapt to the new period, and the rehabilitation of PKK members who did not engage in crime as they return to Turkey.” The “social steps” outlined during general staff meetings regarding the efforts in the process are organized under the following subjects:

Return to Villages

People who were pressured to leave behind their villages as they were being evacuated during the “fight against terrorism” live an unhappy life as unemployed migrants in major cities. Through the Social Assistance Fund, these individuals will be provided a means with which to repair their homes, receive agricultural and livestock credit, and return to their old lives.

Village guards will be rehabilitated

The government will launch a range of implementation regarding the approximately 46 thousand 113 village guards in 22 provinces throughout Turkey. The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance to will carry out efforts for the right to early retirement, compensation and the creation of new job opportunities for village guards.

PKK members who did not commit crimes

After the completion of the withdrawal from Turkey, a number of regulations will have to be needed for the PKK members who are disarming and returning to live a normal life. A regulation will be created regarding issues, such as "education, citizenship, military service, business, profession, the right to vote and be elected," for these militants. 

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