Turkey wants Obama to convince Putin on Syria

Turkey's EU minister Bagis said Obama needs to convince Putin to stop supporting Assad for a solution in Syria, assessed Kurdish issue solution process and Turkey's relations with EU, Iran and Israel

Turkey wants Obama to convince Putin on Syria

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Turkish Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis pointed out, US President Barack Obama should convince Russian President Vladimir Putin that he should stop supporting Assad regime.      

Minister Bagis who is currently in Washington, US, delivered a speech at a discussion panel organized by the Washington DC office of Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) and the German Marshall Fund (GMF).      

Bagis said, "It is time for international community to unite and stop the ongoing craziness in Syria."      

Bagis added, each day, more than 100 people were being killed by the Syrian regime in Syria and said, "Unfortunately, the rest of the world turn their face away over this frame."      

He continued underlining Turkey's "open door" policy for Syrian shelter seekers and said that their only wish was that Europe and western world had to start moving for Damascus.      

Asked how the Syria issue would get solved, the Turkish minister said that there was a need for approval from all members of UN Security Council and that at this point, US President Obama should convince Russian President Putin to stop supporting the Assad regime.           

Solution process   

Bagis also touched on the solution process in Turkey over Kurdish issue at the panel.      

 EU minister said, when Turkey's past was compared with today, there had been improvement in all levels in the community and added, "The solution process involves everybody. Even though, all citizens are equal under the constitution, this was not seen in the practice unfortunately. Now, we hope that the solution process will make this act of the constitution to get applied fully."      

Bagis underscored, Turkey was combating against PKK terror since 1978 and he said, the solution process was about to make all people equal.            

Relations with Iran, Israel and EU

At the panel, Bagis assessed Turkey's relations with Iran and Israel as well.      

Upon a question about Iran, Bagis said, countries did not pick their own neighbours.      

"It is not easy to hold negotiations with country which invented the chess and concept of marketing. They have a complicated intellect," joked Bagis and said, traditional methods such as sanctions did not give desired results all the time, yet, dialogue would bring much more positive results.       Upon another question about Turkey's potential relations in the energy field with Israel, Bagis replied as saying, "Why not- Of course it will happen after the normalization process".      

Bagis stressed, Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel and that Turkey tried to convince others to do that too.      

"I did not get how a smart man like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the risk of losing a Muslim friend over three years. He just saw the light after elections and change of his cabinet. I hope he will continue with it."           

Bagis said, "The EU is the most important peace project of humanity. When Turkey joins the EU, this would be a global peace project, not a continental one. Because, Turkey's EU process is not only watched by 70 millions of Turks, yet, by 3 billion people who feel like they are being ignored by the West."      

Bagis drew attentions to the opening of chapters and said, in the past three years any chapter had not been opened.      

He said, he was hopeful over the opening of a chapter towards regional politics in June which eventually would start healthy relations between Turkey and the EU.      

Turkey's full EU membership would be a "win-win" for both Turkey and the EU and he said that Turkey was the fastest growing economy in Europe.      

Upon a question, Bagis said, the agreement of the EU and Customs Union had to change. He said, in this context, automatically, Turkey had to become a part of any trade agreements that EU signed and that they wanted to take part in the agreement negotiations.      

"We do not want to come to a point where Turkish people question the Customs Union. If we stay in the Customs Union from economic point of view and this does not make sense, then we will have to look over other options as Turkey is not an emirate nor reign," stressed Bagis.         


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