Turkey's parliament to set up intelligence commission

The Security and Intelligence Commission will oversee Turkey's spy agencies.

Turkey's parliament to set up intelligence commission

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Turkey's national assembly on Wednesday started the procedure to set up a parliamentary commission to audit the activities of intelligence organizations, including the National Intelligence Organization and the intelligence branches of gendarmerie and police.

Formation of the Security and Intelligence Commission was a part of a new legislation package focusing on the powers and authorities of the country's intelligence agencies.

The bill, which was criticized by opposition parties for granting the National Intelligence Organization broader powers, was approved by the parliament on April 17 and ratified by President Abdullah Gul a week later.

The commission will comprise 17 members from the political parties represented in the parliament. The ruling Justice and Development Party will give 10 members to the commission, whereas 4 members will be from Republican People's Party, two from the Nationalist Movement Party and one from the Peoples' Democratic Party.

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