Turkish coalition on horizon, HDP in Turkish parliament

With the opening of ballot boxes, the results of the 2015 Turkish Presidential Election is coming through.

Turkish coalition on horizon, HDP in Turkish parliament

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Turkey has counted 75% of the ballot box. The first results are now being released with the lifting of the election ban.

The news agency is giving the results. There seems to be a fierce struggle between the parties. The first batch of results shows that the first elected party stands at 45%, with the threshold party is holding 10% of the votes.

With the opening of the ballot boxes, the results are now being changing box by box.


98% of the Turkish vote has been counted with the AK Party is less likely to form a majority government. A minority government is on the horizon.

The runner up party CHP has lost votes compared to previous elections. 25.24 percent of the vote to the party will have 131 seats.

The MHP vote has taken 82 seats.

HDP, entering the Turkish parliament for the first time, became the owner of 12.43 percent of the vote , taking 78 seats.


Nearly 75% of the votes of the Turkish General Election have been counted. According to the votes that have been counted, the HDP is expected to pass the 10%threshold where there is a heavy pro-Kurdish population.

HDP is the leading party in Southeast Anatolia which is predominantly Kurdish majority population, where overall in Turkey it has gained more seats.

Supporters in Diyarbakir which gained the most seats filled the streets celebrating the election results.


The HDP has gained ground in Istanbul. According to general results, HDP in Istanbul has taken 11% of votes. The CHP has dropped 28%. It appears that the CHP has given votes to HDP.


HDP has shown gains in the larger cities but this was not reflected in the Ankara vote. It gained more ground in Izmir, with 9.5% of votes.


HDP gained 11% of votes in Adana, 15% in Mersin but remained behind in Eskisehir with 3.5%. Konya showed votes of 4%, and Antalya increased to 5.9%.


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