Turkish deputy PM blames EU countries

Deputy Prime Minister Arinc says Turkish people's beliefs in EU membership diminished due to member countries.

Turkish deputy PM blames EU countries

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc on Wednesday said that a significant fall occurred in Turkish people's beliefs in the country's EU membership, pinning the fault on EU countries which errantly behaved and created difficulties for Turkey.

European Union's (EU) Progress Report of 2013 for Turkey handled positively the country's "democratisation package" announced on September 30, as well as acknowledging the progress achieved on important requirements as regards the judiciary and fundamental rights.

Noting complimentary statements took place about the package in the report, Arinc also said Turkish government's consistency in reforms were positively viewed at the report, as well.

Reminding that Anadolu Agency (AA) broadcast the Waqfa Prayer live in the holy Mount Arafat of Mecca, Arinc said AA managed to transmit the Waqfa Prayer to the whole world as well as many Turkish TV channels.

Arinc noted the countries in Islamic geography were suffering great pains while a silent and peaceful atmosphere dominated Turkey, adding people were dying of wars and tragedies even during holy days in neighoring countries.

Saying most people knew and appreciated works of the Turkish government, the deputy prime minister also stated that local elections would be held in March 2014 and they would see whether people in Turkey trusted the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in local and presidential elections.

A certain portion of Turkish people knew the present and past of the country and appreciated the situation that Turkey had reached under the tutelage of AK Party, added Arinc.

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