Turkish Deputy PM hosts leading Arab journalists

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc replied Arab journalists' questions, saying "Normalization with Israel depends on the end of Gaza blockade"

Turkish Deputy PM hosts leading Arab journalists

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc hosted leading Arab journalists within a program organized by Anadolu Agency (AA) and Directorate General of Press and Information at Turkish Prime Ministry central building.      

Board Chairman and Director General of the Anadolu Agency, Kemal Ozturk briefed the group composed of the representatives of journals, newspapers and television channels from various Arab countries including Egypt,Jordan, Qatar and Morocco, who had been conducting various meetings in Turkey and reporting them to their countries, at the Turkish Prime Ministry.            

During his address to the group, Bulent Arinc explained that, as the prime ministry office responsible for media, they attached importance to such meetings and cooperation with foreign communication institutions. "AA has been doing very important works recently in terms of producing news and distributing it to the world in different languages" added Arinc.           

"Normalization with Israel depends on the end of Gaza blockade"          

Upon a question regarding normalization of Turkish-Israeli relations, Arinc said "Normalization depends on the end of the blockade in Gaza.".      

Regarding Turkey's compensation demand for the victims of the Mavi Marmara incident, Arinc stated that the Israeli side have not clearly and concretely agreed yet. "I think they have different opinion regarding our demands," added Arinc.      

Arinc also announced that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan would pay a visit to Gaza at the end of May, 2013 in order to examine the developments for ending the siege.           

Conservative democratic identity as driving force behind AK Party's "success"           

As a response to one of the journalist's question on "what the features of new Turkish identity are", who expressed that the pre-conceived notions which existed among Turkish public towards Arabs were positively altered, Arinc replied: "Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a succesful leader who administrated the process of change and transformation in Turkey. We share same history with you...We are like organs of the same body...However our relations with the Middle East is not limited to Muslims. Undoubtedly we have centuries-long relations with Christians or other religious groups."      

 Arinc added that the force that has been holding Justice and Development (AK Party) Party in power for 11 years was its conservative democratic identity, emphasizing that "conservative does not mean religious as some perceive it". "Rather", Arinc continued, "We mean being loyal to our values, traditions".           

Incitement between Turks and Kurds to end soon          

Upon a question about solution process, Arinc said "These days are the days that incitement placed between Turks and Kurds is about to end", mentioning that the two communities had been living side by side for 1,000 years peacefully. "I hope peace process would reach its ultimate aim, without being sabotaged and provocated" said Arinc.            

Criticizing China, Russia, Iran and Iraq's stances on Syria by saying "China and Russia are trying to wash Syrian regime's hand off, while Iran and Iraq remained indifferent", Arinc added that Yemen model would be successful, had it been applied for Syria.      

Regarding the journalists' questions about Turkey's stance towards Syria issue, Arinc focused on the recent massacre in Banias and said: "With the last massacre it is said that a new process has started in Syria. That is Assad's establishing a Nusayri state and sheltering there and disunification of the country. This is a very wrong and very bad thing, we from the beginning absolutely believe in protecting Syria's territorial integrity" Arinc said.  

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