Turkish opposition leader: Turkey in 'state crisis'

The leader of the main opposition party Kemal Kilicdaroglu said Turkey is witnessing a clash between the judiciary and executive branches of the state.

Turkish opposition leader: Turkey in 'state crisis'

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Developments in the aftermath of the December 17 anti-graft operation reflect a "state crisis" in which the judiciary and executive branches are fighting with one another, Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said on Wednesday.

"We can describe this as a state crisis because we are witnessing a clash between the legislative and executive branches of the state," said Kilicdaroglu on a TV program discussing developments since the beginning of the Istanbul-based operation which involves corruption probes into a number of bureaucrats, businessmen and the sons of three resigned cabinet members.

"The executive body is struggling for covering up the truths which has come to light after the operation", said Kilicdaroglu, accusing the government of siding against the legislature.

Kilicdaroglu called on President Abdullah Gul to safeguard the harmonious interchange between the executive and legislative bodies, saying "Mr. President should take a clearer stance; he should say 'Don't block the prosecutors, don't stand in the way of the judiciary [to the government].'"

When asked about the resignation of the three cabinet ministers whose sons were detained in the anti-graft operation, Kilicdaroglu said the resignations were delayed.

"There is no point in resigning after what has happened, the interior minister was the one who discharged the police authorities conducting the operation," said Kilicdaroglu, stressing that the minister's actions lacked any ethical basis.

In response to a question on whether the government should step down, Kilicdaroglu replied, "This is up to the government, everybody knows that this government does not give confidence to people."

Kilicdaroglu said his party would have no objection if an early election decision were to to be taken.

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