Turkish Parliament Speaker starts meetings for new constitution

The government is planning to re-write a new constitution in the new legislative term that will begin on October 1.

Turkish Parliament Speaker starts meetings for new constitution

Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek met on Monday several lawyer academicians to get their views while preparing the new constitution of Turkey.

The government is planning to re-write a new constitution in the new legislative term that will begin on October 1.

Cicek said that 1982 constitution had been prepared and resorted into referendum in a milieu where political parties could not act freely, adding that although it was changed 17 times, 1982 constitution could not get rid of its "military coup constitution" image.

1982 constitution was ratified on November 7, 1982 and it replaced the earlier constitution of 1961. The constitution was ratified by popular referendum during the military junta of 1980-1983.

It is impossible to ignore that the current constitution causes many social problems, Cicek said.

When international agreements Turkey has signed, ECHR precedents, and EU membership target were taken into consideration, the current constitution causes several problems in international opinion too, he added.

Cicek said that there was a serious expectation in the country for a new constitution, adding that there was a social consensus to prepare the new constitution through free and active participation of Parliament, political parties, non-governmental organizations and academic circles.

Cicek noted that preparing a new constitution was a hard process not only in Turkey but also in the world so that it would be natural to experience some problems in the method and content while preparing it.

Recalling that a Commission for Constitutional Compromise would be shaped up within the Parliament for the preparations, Cicek said that political parties in the Parliament had similar views about three topics; preparing a new constitution, Commission's leading the preparation process, and making the new constitution by the current parliament.

He said that the recommendations and views of academicians about the method and principles of the commission as well as the basic principles of the new constitution were of vital importance.

Cicek noted that the authority and responsibility about the constitution belonged to Parliament.

He added that the Parliament was aware of the importance of active participation of academicians while preparing a full democratic constitution.

Meanwhile, a new web-site "www.Yenianayasa.gov.tr" including all constitutions to this date, amendments, proposals by political parties, vocational organizations and non-governmental organizations, constitutions of the other countries and comments about the new constitution, will be prepared. People will be able to explain their views about the new constitution through the web-site. After being analyzed by experts, those views will be conveyed to the parliament speaker and members of the relevant parliamentary committees.


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