Turkish people backs solution to PKK problem

According to the latest survey discussed at the AK Party (JDP) administrative meeting, 69.5 percent of the population believes that the PKK problem will be resolved.

Turkish people backs solution to PKK problem

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During the 4 hour long AK Party Central Administrative Committee meeting, AK Party leaders and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed election efforts and the point reached in the Imrali process, the negotiation process between PKK and the government.

During the meeting, the people’s support of the process was evaluated. It has been indicated that according to the survey commissioned by the AK Party, 69.5 percent of the population said “I believe that the AK Party will solve the problem of terrorism.” It has been learned that Prime Minister Erdogan said that “Public support is growing, we will continue on our path with this strength.”

The latest surveys especially reflected the people’s support for the Imrali process. Erdogan stated that “Support is increasing day by day. We are committed to resolve this issue. It is important that the public is supportive. Continuing on our path with this strength, we will handle this issue.”


The agenda of the meeting also included the efforts in Parliament. When providing information about the efforts undertaken by the Negotiation Commission regarding the New Constitution process, party staff indicated that the strategy regarding the presidential model had also been discussed. The AK Party, which has prepared a Q&A booklet about the presidential system, will organize conferences in each city. Academicians will also participate in these conferences along with party administrators. It has been recorded that the booklet will include such information as what the AK Party means in terms of the presidential system, and which countries employ this model.

The party’s administrative meeting also discussed the preparations for local elections.It was decided that a large meeting will be held on March 4 in coordination with the Election Committee. 

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