Turkish PM Davutoglu: 'AK party is the winner'

The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu has said that the election results is the people's decision.

Turkish PM Davutoglu: 'AK party is the winner'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has spoken from the AK party headquarters balcony in a message to all the parties in the general election.

"Our peoples decision is above any other decision and those conditions for that will be fulfilled regardless of anything else. This is a festival for democracy, I congratulate the nation".

" The decision of our people is above any decision, it is final. it is imperative to show respect to this. We have passed 13 years of major tests. We will not yield, and have never yielded. We come from the people, and walk with the people. We have been victorious for 10 elections"

 "No one should try to build a victory from an election they lost."

"We are thankful that we are the leading party in the 11th elections. We call on God, and will begin in the name of God. We are thankful that we are behind great success, with great ones ahead of us. We have never yielded, will we not yield. Those who have the people behind them do not yield"


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